DR Automobiles Groupe, an Italian car manufacturer born in 2006, today is engaged in the realization of an industrial and commercial plan of great scope and wide-ranging.

In March 2020, DR launched the DR 5.0, a new SUV which inaugurated a new era for the Italian brand based on new guidelines: refinement, style, quality and technology.

The DR 5.0 was followed by the DR F35 and, in November 2021, the DR 5.0 gave way to the DR 4.0, the same car with a revised front.

In February 2022 the New DR 5.0 entered the range and in June the new model DR 6.0 joined the line-up of the DR family becoming the flagship of the company. 

In January 2023 there is the launch of the DR 3.0, restyling of the DR3 coupé Suv.

The range will be further enriched with the future DR 7.0 and will mark a decisive change of pace compared to the past, it will be the result of a raising of all standards: new and more rigid construction criteria, new and more performing motorizations, new and more advanced technological contents.

Added to all this are original, strong stylistic choices, which give the new SUVs a strong personality.

A new scenario, an important evolution, the result of an overall growth strategy implemented in 15 years of market presence, constant technological, industrial and commercial development of the DR Group.

But if on the one hand this new range of DR SUVs was born, which aims to intercept a specific market demand, on the other DR Automobiles Groupe wanted to face a new challenge, which once again revolutionized the schemes: create low price SUVs, that are full optional as standard but with the best quality/price ratio.

In a socio-economic context inevitably changed, in which the true values, the respect for ourselves and for everything that surrounds us inspire new behavioral lines, new lifestyles, DR Automobiles Groupe has added to the brand DR the new brand EVO.

EVO was born from DR’s long experience in the automotive sector, precisely to meet an increasingly widespread and different conception of the car and more generally of mobility, no longer inspired by ephemeral status symbol but by models of simplicity, concreteness, practicality, reliability.

EVO is therefore the most economical range of full optional cars on the market: EVO 3, EVO 4, EVO 5 and EVO 3 Electric.

DR Automobiles Groupe has always been committed to the challenge of reducing consumption and polluting emissions. In over 15 years has developed an advanced bimodal technology thanks to which all combustion models, both DR and EVO, are able to meet the growing need for environmental protection.

The use of alternative fuels such as LPG is now the most convenient choice because the consumption is reduced and the cost of LPG is much lower than traditional fuels, environmentally friendly, thanks to low CO2 emissions which exempt all DR and EVO models from the payment of the eco-tax and from road blocks.


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